A Guide to Growing Plumeria from Seeds(Post)

    guide shares the basic methods I use for growing plumeria from seed, caring for seedlings, and the products I use. I hope this guide helps you with your seed goals for the year.There are many proven ...

    Seed Starter Kit Instructions (Page)

    As always, we are pleased to share our experiences and technology! Plumeria Seed Starter Kit After several years of experimenting with various media and products for germinating and growing seedlin ...

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    Xquisite JJ Plumeria

    Xquisite JJ Plumeria

    Jungle Jack Collection

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    Jungle Jack's Xquisite: Fabulous vivid colors from start to finish. Nice rounded and overlapping petals. Excellent keeping quality and the blooms don't fade. Strong rose fragrance, then a...
    JJ Xquisite
    JJ Xquisite
    Usually: Ships in 5-7 business days
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    Flower Size:
    Growing Habit:
    Compact (6"-12" per yr)
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