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Puttaraaka aka Phatta Raksa

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Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Puttaraaka aka Phatta Raksa
  • Puttaraaka aka Phatta Raksa
  • Puttaraaka aka Phatta Raksa
  • Puttaraaka aka Phatta Raksa
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Puttaraaka Plumeria: A Streaked Beauty

The Puttaraaka plumeria, also known as Phuta Rasksa, Madame Poni Hybrid or Madam Rainbow, is a captivating and unique addition to the world of plumerias. This exceptional variety offers a distinct combination of features that make it a must-have for enthusiasts. Here's what you can expect from the Phuta Raksa plumeria:

Striking Coloration: Puttaraaka presents 3" white flowers with a yellow throat and irregular blotches and splashes of red and pink. Each bloom is a work of art, with petals that overlap, partly twist, and curve in an irregular manner. The leaves are dark green with lighter veining and pointed tips, providing an attractive contrast to the colorful blossoms.

Unique Streaked and Splashed Petals: What sets Puttaraaka apart is its consistent streaks and irregular splashes of red and pink on its white petals. This distinctive feature makes each bloom a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, with some displaying more splashes than others. The striking coloration intensifies in intense sunlight, adding to its allure.

Sweet and Tangy Fragrance: The fragrance of Puttaraaka is described as tangy sweet, reminiscent of nice soap. It adds a pleasant olfactory dimension to the overall experience of admiring its unique and beautiful flowers.

Well-Branched Growth: Puttaraaka is a well-branched plant with a tall peduncle that elevates its flower display above the foliage. It's an easy bloomer, producing numerous bloom heads on its branches. The branch cuttings are heavy and root easily, typically having from 3 to 4 tips. This plumeria is a heavy bloomer, ensuring a continuous display of its extraordinary flowers.

Hybrid Origin: Puttaraaka is a hybrid of Mme Poni and is closely related to Rainbow Diamond (Petch Sairung). Its sibling, Rainbow Diamond, is known for its stunning blooms as well.

Key Characteristics:

  • Color(s): White with yellow throat and irregular blotches and splashes of red and pink.
  • Flower Size: 3 inches.
  • Blooming: Excellent bloomer.
  • Growth: Well-branched plant with a tall peduncle.
  • Scent: Sweet and tangy fragrance.

Puttaraaka's consistent streaks and splashes of color, combined with its unique and beautiful blooms, make it a must-have for plumeria enthusiasts. Whether you're an experienced collector or just starting your journey with these exquisite flowers, Phuta Raksa is sure to captivate you with its individuality and charm. Add the extraordinary beauty of Phuta Raksa to your garden or plumeria collection and enjoy the artistry it brings to your outdoor space.

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