What To Do When You Recieve Your Rooted or Grafted Plumeria

Here's what to do when you receive your plumeria plant from Florida Colors Nursery.

First, don't be surprised if most leaves and soil are gone. The USDA requires us to do this for certification. It also helps the plant deal with the stress of transport and transplantation.

It's best to plant your plumeria quickly. Although it can survive for weeks during delivery, the sooner it's in soil, the quicker it will recover.

Rest assured, we guarantee all our plumeria and insure all packages with the post office.

Here are six important steps to follow upon receiving your plumeria:

1. Inspect your package and snap photos if it's damaged.
2. Next, open your package and check the plumeria for any harm, taking pictures if necessary.
3. If your plumeria is damaged, let us know right away and include the photos of the damaged box and plant.
4. Don't forget to provide your name and order number. Email everything to
5. Depending on the damage and the plant variety, you might have to return the damaged plumeria to us.
6. If we need to replace your plumeria, we'll schedule it as soon as we can (we cover the replacement shipping cost). If we don't have a replacement, we'll refund you the full amount, including shipping.

To start growing your new rooted or grafted plumeria, follow these steps:

Preparing your potting soil mix:
- Make a mix of 1 part Perlite, 1 part unfertilized potting mix, and 1 part decomposed pine bark. It should be well-draining.
- Moisten the mix so it holds together but isn't soaking wet.

Getting your pots ready:
- Ensure your pots have enough drainage holes.
- Use a clean pot for each plumeria.
- Fill a 1-3 gallon pot halfway for a rooted plumeria, or a 3-5 gallon pot for a grafted one.

Potting the plumeria:
- Place the plumeria in the pot, with the root ball centered vertically and horizontally.
- Fill the pot up to 2” from the top rim.
- Gently press the soil around the roots.
- Water well to wash the soil around the roots.
- Use a bamboo stake to keep the plumeria straight if needed.
- Apply granular fertilizer on top of the soil (not within a month of dormancy).
- Top off the pot with your soil mix.
- Water well for the first three days, and then whenever the soil is almost dry.
- Keep the potted plumeria in a warm, sunny spot (6-8 hours a day).
- If foliar feeding, use 1/2 strength the first time, spraying early or late in the day to avoid leaf burn.

- Your cutting can stay in a 1 gallon pot for a long time. Transplant to a larger pot when roots appear near the surface or coming out of the pot.
- Ensure the soil drains well after transplanting. Overwatering can cause root rot.
- You can also transplant to the ground if your area is frost-free.

- Florida grow all our plumeria in full sun (minimum of 6 hours per day).
- Place your new plumeria in full sun for best results.
- The first new leaves may turn black and fall off, that is due to shock and spending a few day in total darkness.

For more details, visit the General Plumeria Care page on our website: