Plumeria grown from seed by Florida Colors Nursery

La Florida FCN Plumeria

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La Florida FCN
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Medium (12"-24" per yr)
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  • La Florida FCN Plumeria
  • La Florida FCN Plumeria
  • La Florida FCN Plumeria
  • La Florida FCN Plumeria
  • La Florida FCN Plumeria
  • La Florida FCN Plumeria
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La Florida, a seedling from Florida Colors Nursery, is a remarkable plumeria variety with exceptional qualities that make it a top choice for landscapes. It is a result of the crossbreeding between the plants Abigail and Pudica, ensuring a strong genetic background and desirable characteristics.

La Florida presents a beautiful 3-inch flower with pure white petals and a yellow center. The petals are delicately arranged, with some overlapping, creating an elegant and visually pleasing bloom. This color combination adds a touch of elegance and brightness to any garden or landscape.

As a bloomer, La Florida is known for its abundant and continuous flowering. It is described as a "Great, Great Bloomer," indicating that it produces a profusion of blooms throughout the blooming season, further enhancing its visual appeal and impact.

In terms of growth habit, La Florida exhibits a medium growth rate. It develops into a nicely shaped upright tree, making it an ideal choice for landscapes. Its upright form contributes to its overall aesthetic value and suitability for various garden styles.

La Florida is recognized as a fast grower and great brancher. Its vigorous growth rate ensures that it establishes quickly and develops a strong, sturdy structure. The excellent branching allows for a fuller appearance and a greater number of flowering branches, maximizing its visual impact.

The scent of La Florida is described as sweet, adding a delightful fragrance to its already captivating presence in the garden. The sweet scent enhances the sensory experience and makes it even more enjoyable to be around.

A notable characteristic of La Florida is its ability to retain its leaves longer than other plumeria varieties at Florida Colors Nursery in Zone 10B. This attribute ensures a prolonged period of foliage, adding to the overall beauty and appeal of the plant.

Overall, La Florida stands out as a top choice for landscapes due to its stunning white flowers with a yellow center, continuous blooming, medium growth rate, sweet scent, and exceptional leaf retention.

  • Color: White
  • Flower Size: 3"
  • Blooming: Great, Great Bloomer
  • Growth: Medium
  • Scent: Sweet 
  • AKAs:
  • Notes: A Florida Colors Nursery seedling of Abigail and Pudica
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