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Hooley Dooley Plumeria

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Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Hooley Dooley Plumeria
  • Hooley Dooley Plumeria
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Hooley Dooly, Imagine stepping into a sun-dappled garden where nature showcases its most vibrant palette, and the fragrance of blooms pervades the air with an intoxicating allure. Right at the heart of this paradise, gracing the environment with its splendor, is the Plumeria "Hooley Dooley" – a sensational horticultural gem that hails from the picturesque landscapes of Australia.

Each flower that blooms from the Hooley Dooley is a masterpiece, encapsulating the fiery spirit and radiant hues of the land Down Under. Picture a blossom that unfurls to reveal a breathtaking canvas of deep reds melding seamlessly with a golden heart, a vibrant spectacle that promises to be a showstopper in any garden. This plumeria doesn't just captivate with its visual beauty but enchants the senses with its delicate, sweet, and floral perfume, evoking images of a serene walk through a blossoming garden in the heart of spring.

Standing proudly with a medium growth habit, the Hooley Dooley is a vivid multicolor marvel, a vibrant representation of nature's artistry. Each 4-inch flower seems to encapsulate a sunset within its petals, where the deep red hues represent the fiery sky, and the golden center symbolizes the melting sun, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that is both a treat to the eyes and the soul.

And while the accompanying picture attempts to capture its raw beauty, one cannot deny that experiencing the Hooley Dooley in full bloom is an event unto itself. It's an experience that transcends the visual, enveloping you in an aromatic embrace that leaves an unforgettable imprint on your senses.

This plumeria variety is truly a vibrant burst of color and fragrance, a celebration of nature in its most captivating form. Its presence in your garden is not just an addition; it's an event, an experience, a living artwork that evolves and unfolds, revealing more of its beauty with each passing day. It's a dynamic entity, a conversation piece, a source of joy and inspiration, inviting you to lose yourself in its vibrant depths, to find solace in its fragrance, and to witness the true wonder of nature's artistry.

The Hooley Dooley stands as a living testament to the wonders of the botanical world, a jewel in the crown of Plumeria enthusiasts, promising not just a visually arresting display but a holistic sensory experience that lingers, long after you've wandered away from its enchanting presence.

  • Color: Red and yellow
  • Flower Size: 3 1/2"-4" Flower
  • Blooming: Great Bloomer
  • Growth: Medium Grower
  • Scent: Sweet Floral perfume
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