Plumeria grown from seed by Florida Colors Nursery

Carols Orange Marmalade FCN Plumeria

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Carols Orange Marmalade FCN
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Compact (6"-12" per yr)
  • Carols Orange Marmalade  FCN Plumeria
  • Carols Orange Marmalade  FCN Plumeria
  • Carols Orange Marmalade  FCN Plumeria
  • Carols Orange Marmalade  FCN Plumeria
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Carol's Orange Marmalade, a 2022 introduction, stands as a distinctive choice for garden enthusiasts seeking a unique and rare plumeria. This variety is especially appealing to serious collectors who value having exclusive and uncommon plants in their collection.

Characterized as a medium-sized tree, Carol's Orange Marmalade is suitable for a variety of garden layouts, offering a manageable size while still providing a striking visual display. Its flowers are noted for their distinctive appearance, which sets this variety apart from more common plumeria types.

Originating as a seedling from Florida Colors Plumeria Nursery, this variety first bloomed in 2017, showcasing the nursery's dedication to cultivating exceptional and novel plumeria varieties. The nursery's expertise in plumeria breeding is evident in the unique characteristics of Carol's Orange Marmalade.

A notable aspect of this plumeria is its pod parent, Super Round, which contributes to its distinctive genetic makeup. The influence of Super Round is likely reflected in the flower's form, color, or other unique traits, making Carol's Orange Marmalade a product of careful and thoughtful hybridization.

For plumeria collectors and enthusiasts, Carol's Orange Marmalade represents an opportunity to add a very rare and special variety to their collection. Its introduction in 2022 marks it as a contemporary addition to the world of plumerias, offering gardeners the chance to cultivate a modern and exclusive variety with a strong pedigree and exceptional aesthetic appeal.

  • Color(s): Multi color Orange, Pink & Yellow
  • Flower Size: 3"
  • Blooming: Good Bloomer
  • Growth: Average
  • Scent: Spicy
  • History: Seed planted in 2015, first bloomed in 2017.
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