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Vivace Plumeria

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Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Vivace Plumeria
  • Vivace Plumeria
  • Vivace Plumeria
  • Vivace Plumeria
  • Vivace Plumeria
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Vivace (Electric Dreams) Plumeria (Frangipani) Tree

Elevate your garden with the vibrant beauty of the Vivace Plumeria, also known as "Electric Dreams." This captivating tree is renowned for its stunning cherry red flowers, which create a vibrant and elegant display in early spring. Here's everything you need to know about this remarkable plumeria:

Striking Cherry Red Blooms: Vivace showcases striking 4-inch cherry red blooms that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any landscape. The rich red coloration of the flowers creates a visually stunning display that is sure to captivate onlookers.

Abundant Flowering: Vivace is a good bloomer, ensuring that your garden is adorned with a profusion of cherry red flowers throughout the blooming season. The tree becomes a visual spectacle, boasting an abundance of blossoms that enhance its overall appeal.

Medium Growth Rate: Vivace exhibits a medium growth rate, making it a manageable tree to cultivate. Its well-branched structure enhances its aesthetic appeal, contributing to the tree's overall beauty.

Subtle Fragrance: While not strongly fragrant, Vivace possesses a faint fragrance that adds a subtle hint of sweetness to the surrounding air. The delicate scent complements the beauty of the cherry red flowers, providing a sensory experience to those nearby.

Early Blooming and Long-Lasting: Vivace is an early bloomer, offering a delightful burst of color at the beginning of the blooming season. Moreover, it has a long-lasting blooming period, extending its floral display for an extended duration.

Alternative Name: Electric Dreams: Vivace is also known by the alternative name "Electric Dreams." This name reflects the vivid and dreamy nature of its cherry red flowers, evoking a sense of energy and excitement.

With its vibrant cherry red color, 4-inch flower size, good blooming habit, medium growth rate, and subtle fragrance, Vivace is a captivating choice for those seeking a tree that adds vibrancy and beauty to their landscape.

Product Details:

  • Color: Cherry Red
  • Flower Size: 4 inches
  • Blooming: Good Bloomer
  • Growth: Medium
  • Scent: Faint
  • AKA's: Electric Dreams

Transform your garden into a haven of vibrant elegance with the Vivace Plumeria. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice enthusiast, its cherry red blooms and subtle fragrance make it a cherished addition to any outdoor space. Create a garden oasis that's as vibrant as your dreams. Order your Vivace Plumeria today and experience the joy of tending to a plumeria that adds a touch of elegance and energy to your landscape.

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