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Plumeria Origin

Florida Colors Nursery has collected plumeria from all over the world. We have listed most of our Plumeria by the country we believe they originated from. Plumie Tip: Plumeria / Frangipani originated in South Central America, some believed the origion to be the Yucatan peninsula.

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  • Tahitian Moonglow Plumeria
    Tahitian Moonglow - aka John John/Jon Jon, Pele Noa, University of Hawaii Orange, Schmidt Gold, Not Paul Weissich. In the cooler temps does get the vivid orange and red. Orange cast but by the 2nd day, it fades to a...
  • Ruby Blue Plumeria
    Ruby Blue - Lavender-pinkish with portions of deep purple. Faded flowers are cool bluish color-quite extraordinary and lovely. 3”, sweet jasmine fragrance. Kukiat in Thailand. Color(s): Lavender-pinkish Flower...
  • Dwarf Nok aka Duang Suree Plumeria
    Duang Suree - A 2 1/2" - 3″ flower , rounded White/Cream flower with yellow/orange center! Very compact / Dwarf grower branches well. From Thailand! The scent is sweet. Color(s): Cream / White with Yellow / Orange...
  • Gina's Rainbow Plumeria
    Gina's Rainbow Plumeria
    $45.00 $40.00
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    Gina's Rainbow A Florida Colors Seedling. 3" Flower, tight beautiful inflo, Good Bloomer nice fragrance, medium growth habit Color(s): Multi color  Pink, White and yellow Flower Size: 3" Blooming: Good...
  • Dunmovin Plumeria
    Dunmovin Plumeria
    $40.00 $35.00
    0 star rating
    Dunmovin: A beautiful 3 1/2" multi-colored flower pinkish white with large pale yellow/orange center from Australia Color: Rainbow, Pink Yellow Flower Size: 3 1/2" Blooming: Good bloomer Growth: Tall Grower Scent:...
  • Sandy Ann Plumeria
    Sandy Ann - Limited availability. A 2015 introduction of A Florida Colors Seedling named after Kay's Sister. A 3" flower, nice fragrance and an average grower. Grafted onto a 2 year old root system. Color(s): Red Flower...
  • Gracie Plumeria
    Gracie - Limited availability. A Florida Colors Seedling or Teresa Wilder. A 4" flower, nice fragrance and an average grower. Grafted onto a 2 year old root system. Color(s): Multi Color Flower Size: 4" Blooming:...
  • Bruce Plumeria
    Bruce Bruce - Very limited availability. A 2015 introduction. A Florida Colors Seedling of Jordan. Named after Bruce Ford. A 3" flower, nice fragrance and an average grower. Grafted onto a 2 year old root system...
  • Cheyenne Taylor Plumeria
    Cheyenne Taylor .. A fantastic plumeria with a 2 1/2" - 3" flower with a twist, nice fragrance and an Compact grower. Grafted onto a 2 year old root system. Color(s): Pink and white Flower Size: 2 1/2" -...
  • Bridget Plumeria
    Bridget 2015 introduction, A fantastic plumeria with a 3" flower, nice fragrance and an average grower. Grafted onto a 2 year old root system. Color(s): White, Pink, Orange with dark center Flower Size:...
  • Tequila Sunrise Plumeria
    Tequila Sunrise #374 AKA Henriette G, Cholpovee? Thai. 3"-3 1/2" Flower, Deep rich colors of red, magenta, dark purple and yellow. Grenadine red to orange and intense yellow like the famous cocktail. The branches are thick...
  • Naples Sixteen Plumeria
    Naples Sixteen: Named to commerate the 2016 International Plumeria Conference held in Naple, Fl in May of 2016.  A Pink with large yellow center flower, 3 1/2" Flower, Medium Grower, good bloomer with a mild scent...
  • EWC 3 Plumeria
    EWC #3 aka East West Center. 4" pink is the largest known Cerise. Discovered by the University of Hawaii and is known for its intense coloration and bright yellow eye. Open petals with an intense color on both sides. EWC #3...
  • Fireblast Plumeria
    Fireblast A 3" Flower, White with red band on each petal and a red and dark orange flame of fire at center appears on every flower and extends about half to 2/3 of its patal length. A great bloomer, average grower...
  • Black Purple Plumeria
    Black Purple aka Muang Anchan, Violet anchun. Slightly overlapping oval petals, dark purple and golden-orange towards center. Turning to bluish purple with age. Very unique variety with rare coloration. 3"...
  • Eulas Plumeria
    Eulas A fantastic plumeria with a 3" flower, nice fragrance and an average grower. Named after Eulas Staffard. Grafted onto a 2 year old root system. Color(s): White with orange center Flower Size: 3" Blooming:...
  • Watermelon Plumeria
    Watermelon, Nice 3" rounded orange flowers and thick petals, multi pink color with pink veins, yellow-peachy color toward center. Brightfuchsia with orange center, dark pink veins on the petals, slightly pointed tips,...
  • Jenny aka Jeannie 63
    Jenny aka Jeannie #63 An amazing 4” bloom that can exceed basketball size in a burst of vibrant colors pink with yellow centers. Fast grower. White background with pink edges, and white veins throughout the petals...
  • Wakwo Plumeria
    Wakwo Thai. Deep red with black lowlights. 3 1/2 to 4”; fragrance is slight. Wakwo has the WOW factor. Good fresh frangipani scent. It outshines all other reds I have except Duvauchelle Special. Little fibrous...
  • UCU  Plumeria
    UCU Plumeria
    0 star rating
    Ucu #314 from Yucatan, Mexico. Light pink with orange center, butterscotch scent. Super 3" cream with deep egg yolk yellow centre. Cream with nice deep yellow to pink streaks. The blooms smell of BUTTERSCOTCH! Tall. Sweetly...

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