Why Graft Plumeria

Why Graft Plumeria

The primary reason is to provide a stronger root system.

To reproduce an existing Plumeria cuttings (scions) that are make from know cultivars. The cuttings can be rooted and allowed to develop a root system over a several months or grafted onto an existing Plumeria (usually a plumeria seedling) that already has a mature root system. The graft will heal in about 3 weeks. A mature roots system will produce mature blooms.

Plumeria are easy to root and roots will form in as little as 6 to 8 weeks, but new roots are very soft and will break at the slightest movement. Cuttings must have enough time to develop a good root system prior to winter dormancy. Many cutting rooted late in the year do not make it past the first winter for that reason.

If you are going to grow Plumeria from cuttings then it would be best to start in the spring with as large a cutting as possibly. Stay away of known hard to root cultivars and smaller cuttings.

Grafting allows us to take a cutting and place it onto a strong robust rootstock with a mature root system that will give your plumeria a great start.

Why Graft Plumeria?

Reasons to graft Plumeria cuttings:

  • Grafted cuttings can have a fully functional root system within a few weeks. Rooting a cutting can take several months for roots to form.
  • The growth of a grafted plant will be about one-year ahead of a rooted cutting plant.
  • You can leave Inflorescence on grafted cuttings. An Inflorescence left on newly rooting cuttings will slow down the development of the roots.
  • A grafted cutting with a mature root system will produce more blooms than a newly rooted cutting.
  • A grafted bloom will be a normal flower. Newly rooted cuttings will often produce an inferior flower, called a root bloom.
  • Rare and hard to find Plumeria are more likely to be difficult to root from a cutting.
  • A single Plumeria tree can have multiple varieties grafted onto it forming a multi variety tree.
  • Grafted Plumeria have a higher survival rate, resulting in many of our customers sending us failed rooting attempts in an effort to save their rare and valuable Plumeria. Our smart customers send it to us right away, before it has a chance to get stressed out. 

Grafting Services

By Florida Colors Nursery: Limited Availability 

Give us a call at 305-258-1086 you can email us at Your PayPal or Credit Card will be charged when your order is ready to ship and you only pay actual shipping charges.

Custom Grafting of your cuttings: $10.00 per cutting (plus actual shipping cost). We have a high success rate and therefore we can offer you the guarantee that you will not be charged unless we are successful. Sometimes cuttings arrive at our nursery as a last ditch effort after rooting has failed. Therefore we cannot guarantee we will be able to graft successfully graft all cuttings, but you can be sure that we will do our very best!

Average times required for grafting 4-6 weeks These times can vary by cultivar. We won't ship the plant until we feel it is ready to travel.