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Queen Amber JJ Plumeria

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Queen Amber
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Flower Color:
Flower Fragrance:
Flower Size:
4" or Larger
Growing Habit:
Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Queen Amber JJ Plumeria
  • Queen Amber JJ Plumeria
  • Queen Amber JJ Plumeria
  • Queen Amber JJ Plumeria
  • Queen Amber JJ Plumeria
  • Queen Amber JJ Plumeria
  • Queen Amber JJ Plumeria
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Queen Amber is a unique and exceptional plumeria variety that captivates with its exquisite 4" blooms. The flowers showcase a mesmerizing combination of mauve and apricot hues, creating a soft pastel glow that is both delicate and vivid. The colors of Queen Amber Unique are truly captivating, evoking a sense of beauty and allure.

As a heavy and early bloomer, Queen Amber Unique produces an abundance of blossoms, delighting gardeners with its generous floral display. The tree becomes adorned with the stunning mauve apricot blooms, transforming the surrounding landscape into a vision of elegance.

One of the notable features of Queen Amber Unique is its distinct spicy coconut peach fragrance. The scent is reminiscent of tropical delights, adding a sensory experience to the visual beauty of the blooms. The combination of spicy, coconut, and peach notes creates a unique and enticing aroma.

In terms of growth, Queen Amber Unique exhibits a medium growth rate, allowing it to establish a substantial presence in the garden. It develops into a semi-compact tree, striking a balance between size and manageability. Its fast growth ensures that the tree reaches its full potential in a relatively short period.

Beauty is subjective, but many plumeria enthusiasts consider Queen Amber Unique to be one of the most stunning varieties available. The combination of its alluring coloration, generous blooming habit, and captivating fragrance make it a standout choice for those seeking a visually and olfactorily pleasing plumeria.

Queen Amber Unique is also recognized under the alternative name "Jungle Jack." This name serves as a testament to its origin from Jungle Jack, a reputable source of plumeria cultivars.

With its orange-cream apricot color, 4" flower size, good blooming habit, medium growth rate, and the delightful spicy coconut peach fragrance, Queen Amber Unique embodies elegance and charm. It is a plumeria variety that truly stands out and captures the hearts of those who appreciate its exceptional beauty.

  • Color: Orange - Cream Apricot
  • Flower Size: 4"
  • Blooming: Good bloomer
  • Growth: Medium
  • Scent: Spicy Coconut Peach
  • History: from Jungle Jack


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