About the differences - Plumeria Cuttings, Rooted Plants and Grafted Plants

The use of cuttings is typically the preferred by enthusiast and commercial-propagation method because it is fast and easy. Cuttings will produce an exact reproduction of the donor plumeria. Some prefer rooting a cutting allowing it to establish it's own roots, while others prefer grafting cuttings to an already established root system called root-stock. If a cutting is grafted the root stock will not change the characteristics of the original cutting. 

A Plumeria Cutting is the tip of a branch cut from a donor plumeria, usually about 10"-18" long depending on the donor plumeria growing habit. They can also be a center cut where there is no tip. Cuttings do not have roots. A plumeria cutting will eventually have to be rooted or grafted for it to survive.

A Fresh Plumeria Cutting is a cuttings that has not had time to callus (callusing allow the cutting to form a tissue that roots grow from) Florida Colors Nursery sells fresh cuttings to experienced growers to root or for grafting by special request only. Cuttings made specifically for grafting are called scion and are 6"-10" long depending on the donor plumeria.

A Callused Plumeria Cutting is a plumeria cutting that has been allowed to callus. Callusing is required before roots can start to form. Callus will form on the cut end closest to the main tree branch of the cutting. How long it takes to callus depends on the temperature and humidity. In the Spring and Summer a good callus takes about a week or two. Florida Colors Nursery sells callused plumeria cuttings in the Spring and Summer only.

A Rooted Plumeria is a plumeria cutting that has grow its own root system. Under good rooting conditions plumeria cuttings will form roots in 6-8 weeks or may take many months in cool climates. When you see 3 or 4 full leaves it will most likely have roots. Rooted plants should be allowed to grow roots for at least 3 months prior to winter dormancy. Attempting to root over the winter requires experience and sometimes additional equipment to help keep the rooting warm enough for root to grow. Roots will grow best when the soil temperature is between 65 F - 85 F degree.

A Grafted Plumeria is a plumeria cutting (typically called scion when used for grafting) that has been grafted to an existing root system (called root stock). After grafted, you should see leaves growing within 2 weeks, an indication the graft took. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks after grafting before we feel it is ready to ship. Grafted plants are grafted to root systems approximately 18 to 24 months old. The mature root system gives the cutting a head start and usually blooms sooner.

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