About the "Notify Me" Option

If you want to be notified by email when a product or Plumeria is put back in stock read the following.

Florida Colors "Notify Me" option has turned out to be the fairest way to let people know when products are put back in stock. Our waiting list.

How it Works:

  • When a product is out of stock, a box is displayed on that product page to enter your email address.
  • Put your email in the "Notify Me" box on each product that you want to be notified when it's back in stock.jamaican-fire-plumeria-plumeria-by-florida-colors-nursery.jpg
  • When the item is back in stock, we will send you one email for each product.
  • If you do not respond to the email fast enough and the item is already sold out, You will need to add your email again to the list. It doesn't hurt to add your email again if you are not sure.
  • The system checks every six hours for restocked products, then sends out emails within 15 minutes after a product is determined to be back in stock.
  • If a product is sold out before the system can determine it is back in stock, then the emails for that product is not sent out.
  • You need to keep adding your email to the list after the emails are sent out. It doesn't hurt to add again if you are not sure.
  • Your entries will expire after 6 months.

We are active on facebook and many times will post a notice to watch your email. Sometimes this can give you advanced notice.
Please join us at: 

I hope this helps explain how Florida Colors' "Notify Me" works.