What Nutrients are needed for Plumeria (Page)

    Nutrients for Plumeria Sixteen chemical elements are known to be important to a plant's growth and survival. The sixteen chemical elements are divided into two main grou ...

  • Obsession JJ Plumeria

    From Jungle Jack in Thailand

    Obsession JJ Plumeria

    Jungle Jack's Obsession: Truly spectacular plumeria blooms in a whirlpool of orange, pink and white, accented with burgundy tips. Very attractive foliage is thick and glossy. Semi-compact growth...
  • Okeechobee Pink Plumeria Okeechobee Pink Plumeria

    Florida Colors Introductions

    Okeechobee Pink Plumeria

    Okeechobee Pink: A 3 1/2" - 4" shades of bright pink flower to light pink, orange halo center. Sweet floral fragrance. Probably a little more cold hardy. Big inflorescences that bloom high above...
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    Orange Splendor Plumeria Orange Splendor Plumeria

    From Thailand

    Orange Splendor Plumeria

    Orange Splendor Thai Orange Splendor. A 3 1/2" Orange and Pink Flower and when in bloom it is a traffic stopper. The availability is very limited. Strawberry fragrance. Beefy and compact, Slow...