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Ana Rosa Plumeria

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Ana Rosa
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Flower Color:
Flower Fragrance:
Classic Plumeria
Flower Size:
Growing Habit:
Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Ana Rosa Plumeria
  • Ana Rosa Plumeria
  • Ana Rosa Plumeria
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Ana Rosa, registered as Reg #309, is a plumeria variety that originates from Yucatan, Mexico. It features light pink flowers with a yellow center, creating an appealing color combination. The flowers have a diameter of approximately 3 inches, making them of moderate size.

In terms of blooming, Ana Rosa is considered an average bloomer. This means it produces flowers in an average quantity during its blooming season. While specific details about the duration and frequency of blooming are not provided, it can be expected to provide a reasonable display of blooms.

The growth habit of Ana Rosa is described as average, indicating a moderate growth rate. This suggests that the plant grows steadily and at a manageable pace, making it suitable for plumeria enthusiasts who prefer reliable growth without excessive vigor.

Ana Rosa is characterized by a classic plumeria scent. The term "Classic Plumeria" refers to the familiar and beloved fragrance associated with plumeria flowers. It typically embodies a sweet, floral, and tropical aroma that is highly sought after by plumeria enthusiasts.

This particular cultivar is not associated with any other AKA (Also Known As) names, indicating that it is primarily known and recognized as Ana Rosa.

In summary, Ana Rosa, Reg #309 from Yucatan, Mexico, is a plumeria variety with light pink flowers and a yellow center. It has a flower size of approximately 3 inches and is an average bloomer. The growth habit is described as average, and it carries the classic plumeria scent. The cultivar is specifically known as Ana Rosa and has its origins in the Yucatan region of Mexico.

  • PSA Registration: #309
  • Color: Light Pink
  • Flower Size: 3" Flower
  • Blooming: Average Bloomer
  • Growth: Average Grower
  • Scent: Classic Plumeria
  • AKAs: 
  • Notes: from Yucatan, Mexico
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