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Watercolor FCN Plumeria

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Watercolor FCN
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Flower Color:
Flower Size:
2 1/2"
Growing Habit:
Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Watercolor FCN Plumeria
  • Watercolor FCN Plumeria
  • Watercolor FCN Plumeria
  • Watercolor FCN Plumeria
  • Watercolor FCN Plumeria
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  • Watercolor Plumeria (Frangipani) Tree

    Experience the enchanting beauty of Watercolor Plumeria, a captivating variety that adds a splash of vibrant colors to your garden. This exquisite plumeria boasts a range of captivating features that make it a must-have for any plumeria enthusiast. Here's everything you need to know about this remarkable plumeria:

    Stunning 3-Inch Rainbow Blooms: The flowers of Watercolor are a true masterpiece, measuring approximately 3 inches in size. What sets them apart are their highly overlapped petals that gracefully curve at the tips, creating a rounded and elegant appearance.

    Vibrant Rainbow Palette: Watercolor's color palette is reminiscent of a vibrant rainbow. Its petals transition from striking red to fiery orange, blending seamlessly together to create a visually stunning display of warm and captivating hues. This colorful blend adds a touch of liveliness and charm to any garden or landscape.

    Good Blooming: Watercolor is a reliable bloomer, showcasing its beautiful flowers throughout the blooming season. While its flower-keeping quality is considered average, the abundance of blossoms more than compensates for it, providing a delightful spectacle during the flowering period.

    Medium Grower with Good Branching: In terms of growth, Watercolor is an average-growing plumeria variety with a medium growth rate. This makes it a manageable addition to any garden. Additionally, the plant boasts a good branching habit, contributing to its overall appeal and fullness.

    Moderate Fragrance: Watercolor emits a moderate fragrance, adding an extra sensory dimension to the overall experience of observing and enjoying its blossoms. The fragrance is pleasant and complements the visual beauty of the blooms.

    Seedling of Courtade Pink: Watercolor is a unique seedling derived from Courtade Pink, a renowned plumeria variety celebrated for its beauty and elegance. This lineage adds to Watercolor's distinctiveness and highlights its potential for producing exceptional flowers.

    Product Details:

    • Color: Rainbow
    • Flower Size: 3 inches, highly overlapped
    • Blooming: Good Bloomer
    • Growth: Medium Grower
    • Scent: Moderate
    • AKAs: None
    • Notes: A seedling of Courtade Pink

    Elevate your garden with the vibrant colors and elegance of Watercolor Plumeria. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice enthusiast, its rainbow blooms, unique petal arrangement, and moderate fragrance make it a cherished addition to any outdoor space. Create a garden oasis that's as enchanting as it is beautiful. Order your Watercolor Plumeria today and experience the joy of tending to a plumeria that adds a splash of vibrant colors to your landscape.

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    Nicely Rooted

    Posted by Joe Sczempka on May 06, 2021

    This came nicely rooted. A little soft for my liking but it seems to be coming out of hibernation!

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