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Mikey FCN Plumeria

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Mikey FCN
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Compact (6"-12" per yr)
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Mikey: This compact grower is a good choice for gardeners who are looking for a tree with beautiful yellow flowers. Collectors who enjoy having a rare addition to their collection. Florida Colors Plumeria Nursery seedling first bloomed in 2009. Speaking of plumeria parents, Mikey's pod parent is Jack's Compact Yellow.

Gravity's typical size when shipped:

  • Rooted plants are 18-22 inches from the soil line

When You Get Your Plumeria

What you should know:

  • We ship plumeria with the leaves cut off per requirements by the USDA
  • Every plumeria is inspected for any signs of damage and insects
  • We spray each plumeria with mineral oil as a precaution.

What you should Do First:

  • Inspect the box and note or take photos if damaged
  • Carefully Unpack, inspect your plumeria, if damaged in any way, take photos and notify Florida Colors Nursery immediately via email at or phone 305-258-1086
  • Soak the roots in water for 2-4 hours to hydrate your plumeria
  • Pot in a 3 gal pot using well draining soil.
  • Water your plumeria well for the next three days, then as needed. Plumeria do not like their roots to be wet.
  • We grow all our plumeria in full sun. We suggest you place your new plumeria in full sun.
  • To help you understand more about fertilizers...see
  • For more info on caring for your plumeria...see

Detailed Description



  • Beginner  


  • Flower Front Color (as appears 10 feet away, during the prime blooming season): Yellow with white highlights
  • Flower Back Color:: Pink and yellow
  • Flower Center Size: Medium
  • Flower Center Color: Orange
  • Throat Size: Medium
  • Flower Throat Color: Orange
  • Flower Size: 3"
  • Keeping Quality - Texture (Lei): Average
  • Flower Fade Rate (Lei): Average
  • Flower Reaction to Sun and Heat: Fades from yellow to a lighter yellow.
  • Fragrance: Floral fragrance
  • Flower Fragrance Intensity: Medium
  • Petal Type: petals highly overlapped
  • Petal Color Details: yellow with pink banding 


  • Blooming: Great bloomer
  • Blooming Period: All season
  • Inflo Stalk Color: Brown
  • Pubescence: Yes
  • Bud Color: Pink
  • Inflo shape: Medium


  • Leaf Color: Green
  • Leaf Texture: Matte
  • Leaf Vein Color: Green
  • Leaf Border Color: Green
  • Petiole Color: Light Brown
  • Petiole Length: 
  • Leaf Shape: 
  • Leaf Length and Width:


  • Tree Type: Deciduous
  • Growth Habit: Compact, can grow over 12” per year under good growing conditions
  • Vigor: Medium-growing
  • Mature Bark Texture: Smooth
  • Mature Bark Color: Grey
  • Tree Shape: Wider than Tall
  • Trunk or branch circumference: Thick
  • Small New Growth Light Brown
  • Tip Color: Light Brown
  • Branching Density: Medium
  • Branching After Bloom: Good
  • Branching After Prune: Good
  • Root system: Strong


  • Seed Propagation: 
  • Stem Propagation: Roots well


  • Pod Parent - Seedling Of: Jack's Compact Yellow
  • Known Seedlings:
  • Pollen Parent: Unknown


  • Notes / History: this cultivars was created by Carol and Luc. First bloomed in 2009. It was named after Mike Atkinson.
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