Plumeria grown from seed by Florida Colors Nursery

Chloe FCN Plumeria

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Chloe FCN
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Flower Color:
Flower Fragrance:
Classic Plumeria
Flower Size:
Growing Habit:
Medium (12"-24" per yr)
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Chloe Plumeria (Frangipani) Tree

Discover the enchanting Chloe Plumeria, a radiant gem among Florida Colors Nursery's seedlings. Chloe's captivating charm lies in its resplendent display of 3 to 3.5-inch rainbow-colored flowers, exuding a classic fragrance that evokes nostalgia and wonder. This plumeria stands as a testament to nature's artistry, adorning itself with a profusion of blooms in early spring, making it a delightful addition to your garden. Here's what you need to know about this exceptional variety:

A Rainbow of Colors: Chloe is a living canvas of colors, boasting petals that display a mesmerizing rainbow spectrum. From delicate pastels to vibrant hues, each blossom is a unique work of art, creating a kaleidoscope of beauty in your garden.

Classic Fragrance: The scent of Chloe is a timeless classic, evoking memories of traditional floral fragrances. Its lovely scent enhances the outdoor atmosphere, creating an inviting and comforting aura.

Abundance of Blooms: Chloe is a great bloomer, ensuring a lavish and consistent display of its splendid flowers. As early spring approaches, your garden will be graced with an abundance of blossoms that showcase the diversity of colors.

Medium Growth Habit: With its medium growth habit, Chloe strikes the perfect balance between size and manageability. It maintains an elegant presence in your garden without overwhelming the surrounding landscape, making it a versatile choice for gardeners of all levels of experience.

Extended Blooming Season: Chloe is known for its early bloom, extending its floral display over a long season. This extended bloom period ensures that you can enjoy its captivating beauty for an extended period, adding to its appeal.

Hardy and Forgiving: Chloe is a hardy and forgiving plant, making it an excellent choice for gardeners looking for a resilient and low-maintenance addition to their outdoor space. Its ability to thrive in a variety of conditions is a testament to its adaptability.

Sets Seed: For those interested in exploring plumeria propagation, Chloe sets seeds, offering you the opportunity to grow new generations of this captivating variety.

Florida Colors Nursery Origin: Chloe is a proud creation of Florida Colors Nursery, known for its dedication to cultivating exceptional plumeria varieties. Each seedling from this nursery carries the legacy of horticultural expertise and passion for these remarkable plants.

Chloe Plumeria is not just a tree; it's a living work of art that will transform your garden into a canvas of colors and fragrances. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just beginning your journey into the world of plumerias, Chloe's beauty, resilience, and classic fragrance make it a cherished addition to any outdoor space.

Product Details:

  • Color(s): Rainbow
  • Flower Size: 3 to 3.5 inches
  • Blooming: Great Bloomer
  • Growth: Medium
  • Scent: Classic
  • AKA's: None
  • History: Florida Colors Nursery Seedling

Bring the magic of Chloe Plumeria to your garden. Order yours today and experience the joy of tending to a living masterpiece that will enchant your senses and inspire admiration from all who visit your garden.

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