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New Purple aka Muang Puang Plumeria

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New Purple aka Muang Puang
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Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • New Purple aka Muang Puang Plumeria
  • New Purple aka Muang Puang Plumeria
  • New Purple aka Muang Puang Plumeria
  • New Purple aka Muang Puang Plumeria
  • New Purple aka Muang Puang Plumeria
  • New Purple aka Muang Puang Plumeria
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Muang Puang (New Purple, Moung Poung)

Muang Puang, with its captivating mauve/purple flowers adorned with a bright yellow center, is a plumeria cultivar that combines visual beauty with robust growth. Its broad upright habit and moderate growth rate make it an attractive choice for gardens, landscapes, or potted arrangements. Additionally, its seed-setting capability adds an element of interest for those interested in plumeria propagation. This cultivar is sure to be a delightful addition to any plumeria collection or garden setting.

Name Variations: Muang Puang is also known by the names "New Purple" and "Moung Poung." The term "Puang" translates to "bouquet" in Thai, suggesting the beautiful and bouquet-like appearance of its flowers.

Flower Characteristics: Muang Puang is distinguished by its stunning 3-inch (approximately 7.6 centimeters) flowers. These blossoms are a captivating shade of mauve/purple, exuding an air of elegance and charm. At the center of each flower, a vibrant yellow accentuates the overall beauty. The combination of purple and yellow creates a striking contrast, making Muang Puang a visually captivating plumeria cultivar.

Growth Vigor: Muang Puang is known for its robust growth characteristics. It is considered a strong grower, which means it displays healthy and vigorous development. This vigor often results in a profusion of flowers and lush foliage, enhancing its overall appeal.

Growth Habit: This plumeria exhibits a broad upright growth habit. Its branches tend to grow in an upward direction, creating a well-balanced and symmetrical appearance. This growth pattern is ideal for creating a visually pleasing landscape or potted plant.

Growth Rate: Muang Puang is categorized as a cultivar with medium growth. This means it achieves a moderate rate of growth, striking a balance between rapid growth and compactness. This growth rate is advantageous for those looking for a manageable-sized plumeria plant.

Seed Setting: One noteworthy feature of Muang Puang is its ability to set seed. This means it has the potential to produce seeds under suitable conditions, allowing for the possibility of propagation through seedlings.

  • Color(s): Mauve-Purple
  • Flower Size: 3"
  • Blooming: Good Bloomer
  • Growth: Average
  • Scent: Sweet Floral
  • AKA's: Muang Puang
  • Notes: From Thailand, sets seed
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