Grafted Plumeria in Stock

Grafted Plumeria in Stock

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What is the difference between Rooted Plumeria and Grafted Plumeria?

A Rooted Plumeria is a plumeria cutting that has been rooted and allowed to grow its own root system. Under good rooting conditions plumeria cuttings will form roots in 6-8 weeks or may take many months in cool climates. When you seed 3 or 4 full leaves it will most likely have roots. Rooted plants should be allowed to grow roots for at least 3 months prior to winter dormancy.

A Grafted Plumeria is a plumeria cutting (scion) that has been grafted to an already mature root system (rootstock). You should see leaves growing within 2 weeks, an indication the the graft took. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks after grafting before we feel it is ready to ship. Grafted plants are grafted to root systems approximately 18 to 24 months old, depending on the diameter of the Cutting.

We ship bare rooted, meaning all leaves and soil are removed prior to shipping.

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