Plumeria grown from seed by Florida Colors Nursery

Kathleen Rose FCN Plumeria

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Kathleen Rose
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Flower Color:
Flower Fragrance:
Flower Size:
4" or Larger
Growing Habit:
Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Kathleen Rose FCN Plumeria
  • Kathleen Rose FCN Plumeria
  • Kathleen Rose FCN Plumeria
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Kathleen Rose, available at Florida Colors Nursery, is a remarkable plumeria variety with dark rose pink flowers that gracefully cover the medium-sized tree. The blooms of Kathleen Rose are nearly 4 inches in size, and their color is a captivating deep purplish red, radiating beauty and elegance.

One of the most appealing aspects of Kathleen Rose is its delightful rose scent. The blossoms emit a very nice rose fragrance, adding a pleasant aromatic touch that complements the stunning color of the flowers. This combination of captivating color and lovely scent makes Kathleen Rose a true delight for the senses.

The tree itself exhibits a medium growth habit, reaching a size suitable for various garden settings. With its abundance of dark rose pink blooms and its medium-sized stature, Kathleen Rose becomes a focal point in any landscape or plumeria collection.

In summary, Kathleen Rose from Florida Colors Nursery is a striking plumeria variety with 4-inch dark rose pink flowers that generously cover the medium-sized tree. Its deep purplish red color captivates the eye, while the accompanying rose scent provides a pleasing aromatic experience. With its great blooming performance, medium growth habit, and stunning coloration, Kathleen Rose is an exceptional choice for plumeria enthusiasts seeking both visual and olfactory beauty in their gardens.

  • Color: Dark rose pink
  • Flower Size: 4"
  • Blooming: Great Bloomer
  • Growth: Medium
  • Scent: Rose
  • Notes: A very nice rose scent to complement its stunning color.
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