Excalibur Plumeria Fertilizer

Excalibur Plumeria Fertilizer VI - NPK 11-11-14 Includes Shipping

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Excalibur 4 lbs 6 Month
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Excalibur Plumeria Fertilizer VI (NPK of 11-11-14) last for 6 months, Includes Shipping

Introducing Excalibur Plumeria Fertilizer VI (NPK 11-11-14), a premium slow-release fertilizer designed to nurture and enhance the growth of your beloved plumeria plants. Created through a collaboration between Florida Colors Nursery's extensive expertise in plumeria cultivation and cutting-edge nutrient technology, Excalibur Fertilizer has proven to deliver exceptional and efficient results.

Now fortified with BORON, Excalibur Plumeria Fertilizer VI takes plumeria care to the next level. This meticulously formulated fertilizer offers an optimal NPK ratio of 11-11-14, tailor-made to meet the unique needs of plumeria plants. It has quickly established itself as the gold standard in plumeria fertilizers since its introduction just a few years ago. When it comes to promoting vigorous growth and vibrant blooms, Excalibur is the trusted choice that ensures your plumerias reach their full potential.

What sets Excalibur apart is its commitment to excellence. This custom blend fertilizer utilizes cutting-edge controlled release technology, specifically tailored for plumeria cultivation. Unlike other fertilizers, Excalibur undergoes rigorous testing at 86 degrees, ensuring its effectiveness even under demanding conditions. By employing a combination of Multi-coat and Poly-coat technology, this fertilizer achieves a precise release rate, activated by moisture and based on osmosis. Your plumeria plants will receive a consistent and gradual supply of nutrients, promoting healthy development and beautiful blossoms.

In addition to the outstanding quality of Excalibur Plumeria Fertilizer VI, you can also enjoy the convenience of shipping included with your purchase. Experience the satisfaction of providing your plumerias with top-notch fertilizers and the peace of mind that comes from relying on a trusted plumeria grower. Choose Excalibur and nurture your plumerias with the utmost care they deserve.

Comes in 4 lb resealable bags.

We were able to formulate a supreme-quality fertilizer with an NPK of 11-11-14 designed specifically for plumeria. Introduce only a few years ago, Excalibur has become the standard which other fertilizers are judged for growing plumeria. Excalibur is just what you need to assure your plumeria is getting what it needs to grow and bloom at it's full potential. With Excalibur your plumerias are receiving supreme-quality fertilizers and service from a plumeria grower you know and can trust.

Excalibur is a custom mix fertilizer using controlled release technology formulated specifically for Plumeria. Excalibur is tested at 86 degrees, not 70 degrees. Excalibur uses a combination of Multi-coat and Poly-coat technology to achieve the release rate, which is moisture activated and based on osmosis.

Why Use Excalibur?

  • Excalibur: designed specifically for Plumeria
  • Excalibur: promotes healthy even plumeria growth
  • Excalibur: high quality 11-11-14 NPK granular fertilizer with Micronutrients
  • Excalibur: available as a 11-11-14 6 month or 11-11-13 9 month controlled release fertilizer
  • Excalibur: designed to release nutrients as your Plumeria needs them to thrive 
  • Excalibur: uses water activated polyon coated ingredients and heat to release nutrients
  • Excalibur: formulated by Florida Colors Nursery with over 35 years of experience growing Plumeria
  • Excalibur: not only sold by Florida Colors Nursery but we use it on all of our plumeria
  • Excalibur: exclusively sold by Florida Colors Nursery or an approved agent
  • Excalibur: backed by one of the largest national fertilizer companies
  • Excalibur: approved to sell in every state the Continental US and Hawaii

Typical Usage Rates:

This should help you calculate how much fertilizer you need for your plumeria.

  • 4-4 1/2" pot = 3/4 tablespoon
  • 6" - 1 gal pot = 1-2 tablespoons
  • 8” - 3 gal pot = 3 tablespoons
To be more accurate it depends on the size of your plant. The larger the plant the larger the root ball. Using a rule of 1 tablespoon per 1” trunk dia. near the soil line.

Each 4 lb package contains approximately 120 tablespoons.

Excalibur should be applied dry and for best results covered with about an inch of two of soil for even distribution and watered well to release nutrients.

Excalibur is a controlled release multi coated granular fertilizer designed to release nutrients when plumeria need them during their growing season.  The release rate has been calabrated to last approximately 6 months for Excalibur 11-11-14 and 9 months for Excalibur 11-11-13.

How it feeds your plants:

  • Application of Water
  • Release of Nutrients
  • Decomposition of Poly coating

Advantages of controlled release fertilizers are that the nutrients are available gradually over time. This means that the gardener can fertilize less often, and the nutrients are provided slowly and steadily. This is how most plants prefer to be fed and helps them grow well. Granular fertilizers are easier to control because you can actually see how much fertilizer you're using and where it's being dispersed.

Fertilizers are a mix of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). The ratio will be indicated by three numbers (the first is nitrogen, the middle number is phosphorous, and the third is potassium). We recommend a balanced fertilizer with micronutrients for plumeria with a NPK of 11-11-14 or 11-11-13 Excalibur Plumeria Fertilizer. 

Micronutrients - The Hidden Story...And, Often Only Delivered by Controlled Release Fertilizers!

There are several nutrients essential to plant growth and health that are only needed in very small quantities. These are manganese, copper, iron, chlorine, and molybdenum and zinc. 

  • Chlorine is necessary for osmosis and ionic balance; it also plays a role in photosynthesis.
  • Copper is a component of some enzymes and of vitamin A. Symptoms of copper deficiency include browning of leaf tips and chlorosis.
  • Iron is essential for chlorophyll synthesis, which is why an iron deficiency results in chlorosis.
  • Manganese activates some important enzymes involved in chlorophyll formation. Manganese deficient plants will develop chlorosis between the veins of its leaves. The availability of manganese is partially dependent on soil pH.
  • Molybdenum is essential to plant health. Molybdenum is used by plants to reduce nitrates into usable forms. Some plants use it for nitrogen fixation, thus it may need to be added to some soils before seeding legumes.
  • Zinc participates in chlorophyll formation, and also activates many enzymes. Symptoms of zinc deficiency include chlorosis and stunted growth.
  • Boron plays a vital role in a diverse range of plant functions including cell wall formation and stability, maintenance of structural and functional integrity of biological membranes, movement of sugar or energy into growing parts of plants, and POLLINATION and SEED SET.

Check out our new Plumeria Care Guide website!

We use Excalibur every year in our Plumeria Care Regimen:

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28 Reviews

  • 5

    Excalibur plumeria fertilizer 6

    Posted by Emmy Beltran on Jul 09, 2022

    I started having more blooms since I started using this fertilizer.

  • 5

    Plumeria Fertilixer

    Posted by Dianna Shepherd on Sep 30, 2021

    It was great! My Plumeria finally bloomed after 3 years!

  • 5


    Posted by Karen Rowley on Sep 21, 2021

    I need to use it earlier in the season next year

  • 5

    Excalibur 6 mo

    Posted by Rosalie Terry on Sep 09, 2021

    I switched to Excalibur this year and my plumies love it! Ive got greener leaves, bigger bouquets and all around healthier plants! I highly recommend!

  • 5

    Great fertilizer

    Posted by Kathryn Takahama on Aug 04, 2021

    This is a great product I’m glad all you do is add it and water

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