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Aztec Gold Plumeria

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Aztec Gold
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Flower Color:
Flower Fragrance:
Flower Size:
4" or Larger
Growing Habit:
Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Aztec Gold Plumeria
  • Aztec Gold Plumeria
  • Aztec Gold Plumeria
  • Aztec Gold Plumeria
  • Aztec Gold Plumeria
  • Aztec Gold Plumeria
  • Aztec Gold Plumeria
  • Aztec Gold Plumeria
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Aztec Gold, PSA Registration #203 originated in Mexico.

Aztec Gold is also known as Key West Yellow or possibly Key Largo Gold, is a highly desirable plumeria cultivar known for its various features and growth patterns. Here are the details about Aztec Gold:

Aztec Gold exhibits golden yellow flowers with faint pink edging showing through from the back. The petals are elliptical in shape with rounded tips and moderate overlapping. They have a medium texture and measure approximately 4 inches in size. The cultivar is characterized by a strong peach scent, adding to its allure.

The keeping quality of Aztec Gold is described as very good, ensuring that the blooms retain their beauty over time. However, there is a slight tendency for the colors to fade.

In terms of growth habit, Aztec Gold is a tall grower with average branching. The leaves are green, elliptical, and have acute tips. The new growth of the plant is pubescent, displaying a slightly fuzzy texture.

The fragrance of Aztec Gold is described as a unique and strong scent reminiscent of ripe Georgia peaches. It is highly regarded as one of the most desirable plumeria cultivars for its fragrance.

The flowers of Aztec Gold are large and long-lasting, with a prolonged blooming period. New flowers emerge every 2 to 4 days, providing continuous floral displays. As the plant reaches 5 years old, the individual flowers can measure between 4 to 4.5 inches in size.

It is noted that Aztec Gold can become floppy, especially if the branches grow outward. In such cases, staking and tying the branches upward can help shape the plant. The cultivar exhibits a weeping habit when it receives excessive water.

There are variations in the appearance of Aztec Gold. The "normal" Aztec Gold has yellow flowers with a pink stripe down the outside edge of the back of the petal. However, different growth conditions, such as temperature, water, and light, can influence the presence or intensity of the pink stripe. The cultivar requires full sun and blooms throughout the season, making it suitable for coastal regions. It can reach a height of 6 feet.

Aztec Gold responds to water availability, exhibiting rapid growth when water is abundant and experiencing growth pauses and lower leaf drop during long periods of drought to conserve water. Frequent watering and fertilization support numerous leaves, and the collective weight can make the branches weep, except for the upward-turning ends.

The cultivar performs better with low water requirements, and limiting the water retention in the soil mix is recommended. It is sensitive to soil compaction.

There seem to be two different growth patterns observed in Aztec Gold, with one exhibiting an upright and tall habit, while the other displays laterally growing branches that may cause the plant to fall over or have branches easily detach. However, both variants of Aztec Gold have the same wonderful peachy scent and enjoy abundant watering.

Aztec Gold is considered an early bloomer and is known to be a good graft host. There have been reports of four different varieties within the Aztec Gold category. Some variations include beautiful, bright yellow flowers fading to white at the edge, while others have deeper, darker yellow flowers with pink bands on the back. The appearance of the pink band may vary throughout the season.

Additional characteristics of Aztec Gold include drooping leaves, pink/orange buds, and a propensity for nubbing over of branches. The cultivar is known for its generous blooming, thick branching, and fast growth. It is also considered hearty and performs well in cooler weather. While it is cold tolerant, cool nights may cause bud drop.

When the leaves first emerge, Aztec Gold can exhibit fuzzy red leaves, hooked leaf tips, and a reddish outside edge. The new leaves are very waxy and shiny. The color and size of the blooms are not dependent on heat, and the leaves are thick and stiff. Aztec Gold is known to set seeds, and the resulting seed pods can be quite large.

To summarize, Aztec Gold, also known as Key West Yellow or possibly Key Largo Gold, is a highly desirable plumeria cultivar. It features golden yellow flowers with faint pink edging, elliptical petals with rounded tips, and a strong peach scent. The cultivar is characterized by a very good keeping quality and a slight tendency to fade. Aztec Gold is a tall grower with average branching and exhibits variations in growth patterns. It is recommended for its fragrance and is known for its large, long-lasting blooms. The cultivar requires full sun, performs well with low water, and has distinctive foliage characteristics. It is considered an early bloomer, sets seeds, and exhibits various color variations.

  • Color: Large yellow-gold flower with orange center and faint pink band on reverse
  • Flower Size: 4" Flower
  • Blooming: Great Bloomer
  • Growth: Medium to Tall Grower
  • Scent: PEACH
  • AKAs: Key West Yellow, South Florida Gold
  • Reg # 203
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    Aztec Gold

    Posted by Charlene on Nov 02, 2020

    Growing superbly! Rooted cutting already blooming 10/5-11/2/20

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