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Thornton Raspberry Plumeria

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Flower Color:
Flower Fragrance:
Flower Size:
3 1/2"
Growing Habit:
Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Thornton Raspberry Plumeria
  • Thornton Raspberry Plumeria
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Thornton Raspberry

The Thornton Raspberry Plumeria is a specific variety of plumeria (also known as frangipani). It features 3 1/2-inch flowers that are bright pink with white accents. The growth habit of this plumeria is considered superior, and it is categorized as a medium grower.

Thornton Raspberry Plumeria exhibits elliptical slightly overlapped rounded petals with a dark orange center. The front of the petals may display dark pink and whitish splashes. The fragrance of the flowers is described as an unusual strong sweet scent reminiscent of Cool Aid.

Although the keeping quality of the flowers is average with a slight tendency to fade over time, the plumeria is known for its good blooming performance. It has an average branching pattern and sets seed pods, allowing for the collection of seeds for propagation.

Elizabeth Thornton, the founder of the PSA (Plumeria Society of America), named this plumeria variety. It is registered with the PSA and is classified based on its color (pink), flower size (3 1/2 inches), blooming performance (good bloomer), growth habit (medium grower), and scent (sweet - Cool Aid). The plumeria have alternative names or AKAs, Raspberry Red, Raspberry. Similar to Raspberry Ripple.

Medium growth habit. Sets seed pods..

  • PSA Registration:
  • Color: Pink
  • Flower Size: 3 1/2" Flower
  • Blooming: Good Bloomer
  • Growth: Medium Grower
  • Scent: Sweet - Cool Aid
  • AKAs: Raspberry Red, Raspberry. Similar to Raspberry Ripple
  • Notes: Sets seed
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