P. Stenopetala (grafted with roots) Plumeria

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4" or Larger
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Compact (6"-12" per yr)
  • P. Stenopetala (grafted with roots) Plumeria
  • P. Stenopetala (grafted with roots) Plumeria
  • P. Stenopetala (grafted with roots) Plumeria
  • P. Stenopetala (grafted with roots) Plumeria
  • P. Stenopetala (grafted with roots) Plumeria
  • P. Stenopetala (grafted with roots) Plumeria
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When ordering plumeria and fertilizer on the same order they will be shipped in separate boxes to protect the plumeria from damage and they may arrive on different days.

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P. Stenopetala Cuba. Extremely fragrant species produces large hanging clusters of weeping, white, thin and curly petaled blossoms with a very strong jasmine / carnation perfume. The limbs are thin, as are the leaves. The size is easy to control by annual pruning. The cuttings are difficult to root, probably one of the reasons it is not commonly found. Must be grafted. Thin branches in strongly weeping habit and spider like flowers smelling of Carnations. Compact growth habit very fragrant species must be grafted or grown as a seedling. Wonderful and spectacularly fragrant Rambling vine which is very hard to display nicely. Luc from Florida Colors has custom grafted it on a tall seedling, resulting in this gorgeous tree which will eventually resemble a weeping willow. Heavy bloomer. The species appears as cold resistant as any of the other species. Seeds don't stay viable long. Strong carnation perfume.

  • Color: White
  • Flower Size: 4"-5"
  • Blooming: Great bloomer
  • Growth: Viney small tree
  • Scent: Very strong Jasmine / Carnation
  • AKA: 
  • Notes: Very hard to root, should be grafted
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Warranty Information

Florida Colors Nursery's Guarantee to You.

Thank you for your purchase of Plumeria from Florida Colors Nursery. Please remember that plants are living entities and need care as such. Success with your new plumeria is tied directly to the amount of care it is given. Florida Colors Nursery was founded in 1976 and has been growing and selling plumeria sense 1992 and has been very successful because we are honest and fair in our assessments on guarantee claims.

Please call us with any questions you may have about plumeria care. Please visit this link to learn how to care for your plumeria.

ALL Plumeria are guaranteed to be the variety sold as.

Grafted plants are guarantee for four (4) months
Rooted plants are guarantee for three (3) months
Callused cuttings are guaranteed for two (2) months
Fresh cuttings and one (1) month (sold only to experienced growers)

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    Posted by Victoria Hand on Oct 13, 2020

    Beautiful plans and is flourishing here in the Texas sun

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