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Mermaid Gem Plumeria

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Mermaid Gem
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Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Mermaid Gem Plumeria
  • Mermaid Gem Plumeria
  • Mermaid Gem Plumeria
  • Mermaid Gem Plumeria
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Mermaid Gem Oz aka Kalina (similar but hardier), Wedgetail, Elsie Rose, Elise Rose (sic), Siara's Gift. (Also an Oz Mermaid Gem aka Mitchell Street perfumed pink), probably Mandurah Hot Pink, similar to KJ Booker. Gold Coast Cotton Candy is pinker and has white & yellow radiating through it in it plus its petals are not as rounded, Mermaid Gem is a darker pink turning red and just has yellow in a central position of the petal, it only gets white in it as it fades out, they are totally different. Mermaid Gem does not have the same petal edges and shape as Kalina. MG tends to be bigger too. Named for Mermaid's Beach in New South Wales. It originated from Mermaid Beach in south east Queensland in Australia, south of Brisbane. Sadly the original tree no longer exists. In strong heat the red is similar to fire engine red.75mm diameter, Petals 12mm wide max. Bright Crimson with well defined bright yellow centre. Stalk is Dark purple with a pubescent coating. Medium thickness, not long lasting when picked. Round pointed petals, very slight overlap. Sparse clusters of flowers all over tree. Acuminate, pointy leaves in dull medium green, petiole is orange brown, glabrous (smooth). Branches 2, then 3 then 2. Mild, sweet, sugary smell, like Fairy Floss / Cotton Candy. Difficult to root.

  • Color(s): Pinkish red with yellow
  • Flower Size: 3"
  • Blooming:Great Bloomer
  • Growth: Average
  • Scent: Mild Sweet
  • AKA's:
  • History: Aussie
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