Madame Rainbow Plumeria

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Madame Rainbow
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Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Madame Rainbow Plumeria
  • Madame Rainbow Plumeria
  • Madame Rainbow Plumeria
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Madame Rainbow aka Madame Poni et al, not Buddharaksa, Phet Sai Rung, Pet Sai Rung, maybe Phuta Raska.. Madame Rainbow and Buddharaksa are sometime called Madame Poni hybrid but they are not same variety their leaves are different. The first time the owner of Madame Rainbow named her as petch Sairung by did not know PS was used already for Thai Pinwheel Rainbow, so after that the second PS were called Madame Rainbow. Madame Rainbow, Budharaksa and Miracle are different cultivars. Combination of white, orange, red and yellow. Seedling of madame poni. Distinct red banded through the centre very similar to Madam Poni but more stunning. Petals slightly overlapping, white with dark pink or red area, turning to yellow and orange towards base. Fragrance: sweet, faint to medium. Leaves: medium green, broad elliptical with pointed tip. Heavy bloomer and has a nice floral fragrance. Changeable. Great bloomer. Easy to root. Deep golden brown center rimmed with orange and yellow that develops in the center of each bloom when the weather turns hot. This contrasts nicely with the white petals rimmed in pink. Also, nicely and sweetly fragrant. Blooms on long inflos. Hybrid from Jack. 

  • Color(s): Multi color White with red band and yellow center
  • Flower Size: 3"
  • Blooming:Great Bloomer
  • Growth: Average
  • Scent: intense rose fragrance
  • History: From Thailand
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