Dwarf Singapore Pink Plumeria

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Dwarf Singapore Pink
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Dwarf (up to 6" per yr)
  • Dwarf Singapore Pink Plumeria
  • Dwarf Singapore Pink Plumeria
  • Dwarf Singapore Pink Plumeria
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Dwarf Singapore Pink #126 Beautiful dwarf variety with pale pink blossoms. 2 1/2", have a lovely citrus scent, and good keeping quality. Mature trees get about 4 feet tall in pots, but can grow to approximately 12' in the ground, are very generous bloomers and grow bushy with wonderful thick round evergreen foliage. Evergreen, dwarf pink sport of the Singapore White. Prolific grower. One of the finest fragrances, well branched tree. Great for container. A tight branching, compact growing plant that is perfect for small spaces. Pink buds open to white flowers with yellow golden center. Petals separated, obovate. Leaves: bright green, semi glossy, abundant. Water lover. Recommended for the coast. Long lasting blooms with lemon citrus fragrance. Free brancher with beautiful shiny leaves that are mostly evergreen. Seeds take a long time to germinate, and then are not viable. Slow to root. Capable of producing a lot of seed. Some of the progeny come up like the parent; others are quite different. Some also have flowers that are more pink than the parent, larger flowers or leaves, or more spreading growth habit.

Dwarf Pink Singapore was also tissue-cultured in California (Rancho Technologies), and a lot of plants were distributed from that reproduction. The original plant was apparently a hybrid made in Hawaii by a Dr. Izumi on Maui many years ago. There is a gene in P. obtusa that confers dwarf properties, as there are a number of other dwarf types with the P. obtusa-like foliage. Seed is not usually viable. Can bloom even in low light. Not bothered by extreme heat. Sets seed.

  • Color: Pale Pink
  • Flower Size: 2 1/2""
  • Blooming: Good Bloomer
  • Growth: Dwarf, very slow grower
  • Scent: Citrus Lemon
  • AKAs: Singapore Dwarf Pink
  • Notes: Capable of producing a lot of seed
  • Reg #126
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