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Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria

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Chiang Mai Girl
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Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria
  • Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria
  • Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria
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Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria (Frangipani) Tree

Elevate your garden or landscape with the enchanting beauty of the Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria Tree, also known as Chaing Mai Girl and Abby's Dream. This unique Plumeria variety is a horticultural masterpiece, prized for its mesmerizing display of multi-colored blossoms. Here's everything you need to know about this exceptional flowering tree:

Exquisite Blooms: Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria is renowned for its exquisite blooms that will leave you spellbound. Each flower is a masterpiece of nature, boasting a harmonious blend of white and yellow petals adorned with delicate shades of pink. The pièce de résistance is its captivating red-orange throat, adding a striking contrast that makes this Plumeria truly unforgettable.

Perfectly Sized Blossoms: The flowers of Chiang Mai Girl measure approximately 3 inches in diameter. This ideal size strikes a balance between daintiness and presence, ensuring that each bloom is a delightful focal point in your garden.

Abundant Blooms: Chiang Mai Girl is not only a slow grower but also a generous bloomer. While patience is required for its growth, it rewards you with a profusion of blooms once it matures. Imagine your garden adorned with these fragrant treasures, creating an oasis of color and fragrance.

Sweet Floral Fragrance: As if the visual spectacle weren't enough, Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria treats your senses with a sweet and captivating floral fragrance. Every gentle breeze will carry its enchanting scent, transforming your outdoor space into a fragrant paradise.

Medium Growth Rate: While Chiang Mai Girl is known for being a slow grower, its medium growth rate ensures a well-balanced and manageable tree. It's perfect for both novice gardeners and seasoned enthusiasts, as it doesn't require rapid maintenance.

Known by Many Names: Chiang Mai Girl goes by several names, including Chaing Mai Girl and Abby's Dream. These alternative monikers reflect its popularity and versatility among Plumeria aficionados.

Chiang Mai Girl Care: To cultivate the Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria Tree successfully, provide it with full sun exposure, well-draining soil, and moderate watering. During the growing season, a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer will promote lush growth and abundant blooms. Pruning in late winter or early spring encourages branching and even more flowers.

Whether you're an avid Plumeria collector or just beginning your journey into the world of tropical plants, Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria is a must-have addition to your garden. Its unique coloration, sweet fragrance, and moderate growth make it a versatile and rewarding choice for both experienced gardeners and those looking to add a touch of tropical elegance to their outdoor spaces.

With Chiang Mai Girl Plumeria, you're not just adding a tree to your garden; you're inviting a piece of paradise into your life. Don't miss the opportunity to own this stunning cultivar and experience the magic of its blossoms firsthand. Elevate your garden with Chiang Mai Girl today and savor the beauty of nature's artistry in your own backyard.

  • Color(s): Multi color  White and yellow
  • Flower Size: 3"
  • Blooming: Good Bloomer
  • Growth: Medium
  • Scent: Sweet Floral
  • AKA's: Chaing Mai Girl, Abby's Dream
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