Winter Care for Plumeria

Plumeria Winter Care and Storage

It is imperative to protect your plumeria from frost and from freezing.

If temperatures are forecast to dip to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or if you have a frost warning you should protect your plumeria from frost.

If temperatures are forecast to dip to 35 degrees Fahrenheit or below, you should protect your plumeria from freezing.

Your local forecast is an educated guess and vary from the actual temps in your garden. It is a good idea to check the temps in your garden and compare to local forecast to see if there is typically a difference. It also makes a big difference how long the low temp lasts. The coldest temps are typically right before daylight.

Preparing for winter

1. Stop fertilizing 30-45 days before you expect cool temps. Fertilizing will cause new tender growth that's susceptible to cold damage.

2. Remove as many leaves as possible by cutting the leaf leaving about 1/2" or so on the branch. Leaving the 1/2" or so of leaf stem will help prevent leaf node rot. Removing the leaves will help prevent moisture loss.

3. Spray your plants with an insecticide for insects prior to storing.

3. If Plunged, cut into the soil around the pot, then lift the pot the soil. Prune the roots to a manageable size. 


4. For potted plants, lift pots from the ground and trim roots back to the same level as the pot's drainage holes. This is a good time to make sure the roots haven't stopped up the drain holes. If the roots are stopping up the drain holes, then repot in the Spring.


5. If storing as bare rooted, do not allow the roots to touch concrete. The concrete will suck the moisture out of the roots.

6. If storing in pots or bare rooted, water you plumeria a few days before you put them up for winter. You don't want your pots to be saturated with water when you put them up for the winter.

If your are leaving some plumeria in the ground and temperatures are forecast to dip to 35 degrees Fahrenheit you should protect your plumeria with frost cloths to store heat, incandescent spot lights or old Christmas light on branches will help to add warmth. Be sure you us lights that generate heat, LED lights will not help.


Plumeria Winter Storage

Place your plumeria in a protected location such as a greenhouse, garage, spare room, closet, enclosed porch or attic. Just be sure it stays above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It's fine to stack plant pots, but keep all the limbs and roots from contact with concrete. Maintain good air circulation in the storage area to discourage moisture build up and pests.

Plumeria plants don't require light while they're dormant. If stored in a sunny location they may break dormancy too early. Stored plants do not need water unless the are becoming dehydrated and look shriveled. You can mist weekly or monthly to help prevent dehydration problems. Always check your pots to make sure the soil is not wet, this can cause root rot.