Sally Moragne (rooted) Plumeria

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4" or Larger
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Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Sally Moragne (rooted) Plumeria
  • Sally Moragne (rooted) Plumeria
  • Sally Moragne (rooted) Plumeria
  • Sally Moragne (rooted) Plumeria
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Sally Moragne: aka Y2K, Kobchompoo. #145 Possibly an original Sally M that is not the same as today's Sally M. 4 1/2-5" Large pink, orange and yellow rainbow fades to almost white. Wide elliptical overlapping petals, floral fragrance, lanky grower. Pink with strong sweet fragrance. Large, light peachy pink with a golden center and pink shading at the edge. Distinctive red veining radiating to the outer edge. Large 4-5" light pale pink with small yellow center and light red veins on outer edge. Good sweet fragrance with nice texture. Large tree. Wide petals with rounded tip, highly overlapped; heavy texture; strong sweet fragrance; keeping quality good. Wonderfully fragrant white rainbow. Makes an exquisitely tree. Best of all the Moragne Hybrids. Large light peachy pink with a golden center and pink shading at the edge of the petal, dark pink veining radiating to the outer edge, wide petals with rounded tip, highly overlapped, heavy textured, strong sweet fragrance. Tall upright grower with light yellowish green leaves with acute tips. Cold sensitive. Slow growing tree. Roots sensitive to compaction. Pod parent: Daisy Wilcox. Pollen parent: Scott Pratt. Very lush and heavy blooming. Fragrance is remarkable. Leaves are typically wavy.

Sally M is sometimes mislabeled in Oz – actually India. The original Sally Moragne and India plants were mixed up, so any Sally Moragnes coming out of Darwin are actually India plants. In WA the plants sold as Peachy King are actually India; they do not follow the registered naming practices. Benara, the nursery that sells India as Peachy King, have nursery locations in other states, and Indonesia, so the naming issue from this side could be Australia-wide. I especially like their leaves being small so they don't cover the flowers.

  • Color: Orange and yellow rainbow 
  • Flower Size: 4 1/2" - 5"
  • Blooming: Excellent
  • Growth: Medium tall
  • Scent: Strong Sweet
  • AKAs: Y2K, Kobchompoo
  • Notes: Big solid inflos with great color and form
  • Reg # 145
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