Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria

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Compact (6"-12" per yr)
  • Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria
  • Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria
  • Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria
  • Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria
  • Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria
  • Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria
  • Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria
  • Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria
  • Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria
  • Penang Peach (rooted) Plumeria
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When ordering plumeria and fertilizer on the same order they will be shipped in separate boxes to protect the plumeria from damage and they may arrive on different days.

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Penang Peach aka Som Garasin (close), Thai Gold, Thai Yellow, Thai Salmon, California Sunset (close), Som Kalisin, Orange Thai (close). Malaysia. A 3" Apricot-peach yellow flower with thick petals, good heavy bloomer. Orange with red bands and stiff texture. Compact low spreading growth. Leaf has a hook at the tip. Red leaf margins. Very sweet fragrance and excellent keeping quality. In the fall, blooms will not be as vibrant. Penang Peach is one of the plumerias most used in lei making, It is a beautiful flower. It can look differently in different weather. It was introduced into Hawaii from Indonesia where it was discovered. Its origin is unknown except that it is very popular as a lei flower in many parts of S.E. Asia.One of the best characteristics is its growth habit is compact and low to ground which makes it easy for the flower pickers. The fragrance is more lemony than Celadine. It has excellent texture and the coloring holds steady. Penang Peach bloomed late one year so I kept it in the house in a sunny window. Instead of developing the colors of a ripe peach, it was much more deep yellow with a touch of pink. It was a very pretty bloom even though it was not the color it develops with heat. Recommended for the coast. Apricot-peach, yellow-colored flower, pink splash band on one side of the petal, with round petals, sweet medium scent. A Houston lady pinched a piece of this off a sad looking tree at Waimea Falls on Oahu, HI. It was the first for the mainland. Changeable over life of bloom. PP vs. Som Karasin: growth rate Som karasin 1:4 of Penang Peach. I believe the statement that Penang Peach from Indonesia is wrong because they came originally from Penang Island in the north of Peninsular Malaysia where they grew in abundance along the coast many years ago. Midribs are green. PP can be easily distinguished because of the many many branches, hook of the tip of the leaves, thin brown line and most obvious is the brown throat of the leaves, leaf stem always brownish orange. Heavy bloomer over long season. Easy to root and air layer. Blooms on short branches. sometimes blooms very yellow sometimes very pink. Prone to sealing over tips. Compact form, extended bloom time, ease of growing in pot culture, intense colors (during warm weather), heavy petal substance, overlapping petals, fragrance, plus it is easy to root or air layer. 

  • PSA Registration:
  • Color: Apricot-peach, yellow
  • Flower Size: 3"
  • Blooming: Great bloomer
  • Growth: Compact
  • Scent: Strong Peach
  • AKAs: Thai Gold, Thai Yellow, Thai Salmon, Som Kalisin, Malaysia
  • Notes: Heavy bloomer over long season. Easy to root and air layer. Blooms on short branches.
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    Penang Peach rooted plumeria

    Posted by Sue Kuentz on Jan 04, 2021

    Florida Colors always sends the plumerias I buy within days of ordering in great shape and packed quite well for the journey. I loved unpacking to find a two branch Penang Peach with a very healthy amount of roots. She is doing quite well as of January 2021 (bought her in October) and I look forward to seeing her growth and blooms in the coming spring and summer. I highly recommend

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