Membership Has Its Advantages


Florida Colors Nursery thrives to provide our members with the best possible plumeria experience both online and offline. This year we have made many improvements to our existing programs, procedures, and implemented new extensive programs to better serve our members.
Advantages of Membership:
  • The BEST plumeria website
  • The BEST plumeria plants
  • The BEST plumeria selections
  • The BEST warranties
  • The BEST fertilizers
  • The BEST customer support
Improvements over the last few months:
  • We've implemented better security
  • Improved quality control procedures
  • Upgraded to a cloud based website
  • Installed advanced artificial intelligence on our website
  • Upgraded our newletter programs
  • Upgraded to a new "Notify Me" in stock notification via email and/or SMS
  • Upgraded our wishlist program to allow you to create multiple wishlists and share with others
  • Installed an online suport chat program
  • Implemented In-Nursery Pick up options
  • Implemented Birthday Gift coupons
  • Implemented Member Anniversary Gift coupons
  • Added Price Drop and Sale notifications
  • New Product Notifications
  • Event / Class notifications

In Progress:

  • Implementing a point of sale program for in-nursery shopping allowing you to use your rewards and store credits
  • Creating new picture tags
  • Adding new plumeria to our website
  • Updating inventory
Coming Soon: "The Plumeria" a newletter designed to provide you with the latest plumeria news and care articles relative to your growing region.
To take advantage of our membership programs, all you have to do is become a valued member of Florida Colors Nursery by creating an account on and subscribe to our newsletter. SUBSCRIBE NOW