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Plumeria Fragrance

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  • Jamaican Fire Plumeria
    Jamaican Fire Plumeria
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    Jamaican Fire stunning flower, Original hybrid comes from Bali, collected during a 2007 plumeria conference. Nice fragrance. Slow grower. Should be grafted. 3” and very intense sweet fragrance. Vibrant yellow in the...
  • Tahitian Moonglow aka University of Hawaii Orange Plumeria
    Tahitian Moonglow - aka John John/Jon Jon, Pele Noa, University of Hawaii Orange, Schmidt Gold, Not Paul Weissich. In the cooler temps does get the vivid orange and red. Orange cast but by the 2nd day, it fades to a...
  • Ruby Blue Plumeria
    Ruby Blue - Lavender-pinkish with portions of deep purple. Faded flowers are cool bluish color-quite extraordinary and lovely. 3”, sweet jasmine fragrance. Kukiat in Thailand. Color(s): Lavender-pinkish Flower...
  • Fredericka Plumeria
    Fredericka: A Florida Colors Nursery Seedling, Pink with an orange eye. 3” with a nice fragrance. Very good keeping quality an average grower PSA Registration: Color: Pink, with orange eye Flower Size: 3"...
  • Dunmovin Plumeria
    Dunmovin: A beautiful 3 1/2" multi-colored flower pinkish white with large pale yellow/orange center from Australia Color: Rainbow, Pink Yellow Flower Size: 3 1/2" Blooming: Good bloomer Growth: Tall Grower Scent:...
  • Andrea Jean Plumeria
    Andrea Jean: A Florida Colors Nursery Seedling, Pink with an orange eye. 3” with a nice fragrance. Very good keeping quality and an upright grower with good thickness of wood PSA Registration: Color:...
  • Black Purple Plumeria
    Black Purple aka Muang Anchan, Violet anchun. Slightly overlapping oval petals, dark purple and golden-orange towards center. Turning to bluish purple with age. Very unique variety with rare coloration. 3"...
  • Wakwo Plumeria
    Wakwo Thai. Deep red with black lowlights. 3 1/2 to 4”; fragrance is slight. Wakwo has the WOW factor. Good fresh frangipani scent. It outshines all other reds I have except Duvauchelle Special. Little fibrous...
  • UCU  Plumeria
    UCU Plumeria
    0 star rating
    Ucu #314 from Yucatan, Mexico. Light pink with orange center, butterscotch scent. Super 3" cream with deep egg yolk yellow centre. Cream with nice deep yellow to pink streaks. The blooms smell of BUTTERSCOTCH! Tall. Sweetly...
  • Sorrento Stripe Plumeria
    Sorrento Stripe aka Sorento Stripe, not Apricot. Oz. 3 1/2" Yellow/orange with magenta, red and crimson stripes and flecks over entire petal. Fragrance is Fruity, almost identical to Fruit Salad. Colour varies greatly...
  • Siam Red Plumeria
    Siam Red seedlings called Daeng Sayem, Dang Sayem, and Siam Red #2. Dark 3” red from Thailand.  At the markets we saw short plants with huge inflorescences. Medium tree. Very large clusters, 3 to 3-1/2”...
  • Siam Rainbow Plumeria
    Siam Rainbow Multi Colored 3" flower. A Citris Color(s): Multi Color Flower Size: 3" Blooming: Good Bloomer Growth: Compact Scent: Citrus AKA's: History:...
  • Schmidt Red Plumeria
    Schmidt Red #134 3" dark red with slightly pointed petals. Dark red veins radiate from a burnt orange center. Frangipani fragrance. Semi-tall grower. Large overlapping petals with good keeping quality. Very deep red with...
  • Sariah's Curly Pink Plumeria
    Sariah’s Curly Pink AKA SCP. Pale pink version of Amarron’s curly white. Graceful long twisting pale pink with yellow center. Mild scent. Light pink and white with a yellow center. They curl and hang down. Petals...
  • San Diego Sunset Plumeria
    San Diego Sunset #317 Multi-Color 3" with heavy veining and citrus fragrance. Moderate Pink, white with small yellow-orange center Wide, round tip, well overlapped, thick, velvety, wide red band along one edge of back...
  • Saigon Moon Plumeria
    Saigon Moon#273 When first open blossoms are tulip shaped, soft yellow. When open fully, color changes to a creamy color with a touch of pink along edges, with small dark red eye. Blooms are heavy textured, good keeping...
  • Riviera Rainbow Plumeria
    Riviera Rainbow #403 gorgeous rainbow is a profuse bloomer, the blooms last a long time and good sweet floral scent, very easy to root. Gorgeous burgundy with bright yellow-orange center. 3" with a nice spicy floral scent...
  • Purple Sa Neym 2 aka Siam Lavender Plumeria
    Siam Lavender aka Muang Sa-Ngeam #2, Muang Ruangsukdee #2, Indonesian Violet, Blue Canyon. Thailand. Lavender with burnt orange center, 2.5 - 3.5" with a lovely, sweet fragrance. Medium growth and branches beautifully, often...
  • Purple Rainbow Plumeria
    Purple Rainbow aka Violet Rainbow, Muang Sairung. Thailand. Star shape Flower 5” and up. A stunning purple-maroon with a golden-yellow center and red veining spreading from eye. Wonderful, sweet fragrance. Large...
  • Pink Lemonade Plumeria
    Pink Lemonade pastel pink 3", grainy and moderately overlapping petals.  Its throat is yellows and orange.  A very mild citrus fragrance.  Color(s): White with Pink and Red Flower Size: 3" Blooming:...

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