Plumeria Cuttings in Tubes

Florida Colors Nursery is now offering cuttings
already rooted in black plastic rooting tubes.
(Limited available on select cutivars, if we have enough interest we will have more in the Spring.)


Shop for Rooted Cuttings in Tubes - In Stock

The number of roots present in tubes depends on the Cultivar and the length of time it has been rooting.

  • Each plumeria cutting has the all the leaves removed to minimize transplant shock and to help prevent loss of moisture.
  • Each plumeria cutting is checked before shipping to assure ample roots have grown.
  • Each plumeria cutting is sprayed with mineral oil to assure no insects are present.
  • Each plumeria cutting is shipped in a rooting tube.
  • Each plumeria cutting is ready to be transplanted. We suggest a 1 gal. black plastic pot.

Below is an example of the roots on our cuttings in tubes. You can expect to see similar roots on all cuttings sold in tubes.