Excalibur Contest

Congratulations to the top 10 winners: Ana Thompson, Cyn Shelz, Gustavo Castaneda, Jane T Lee, Jennifer Keeling, John Mason, Karl D Schwoch, Kathy Frazer, Mike Atkinson, and Peggy Putman.

We will be posting there reviews and articles soon!


Share your experience with our Excalibur fertilizer and be entered to win the 2020 Excalibur Contest!

Email your story to, pictures are optional, before December 1. We will randomly pick at least 25 stories and then select the best 10 stories as the winners.

Each winner will be shipped a 4 lb container of Excalibur BOOST fertilizer and your story will be published on our website, blog, and Facebook pages.
Winners will be announced 12/5/2020.