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Elsie JJ Plumeria

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Compact (6"-12" per yr)
  • Elsie JJ Plumeria
  • Elsie JJ Plumeria
  • Elsie JJ Plumeria
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Elsie  aka JJ Elsie, A 3" rounded dark pink flower with lighter pink to white area. Petals round, heavily overlapping. Leaves: beautiful emerald green, broad oval. Very strong sweet fruity perfume. Compact growth habit. During development it was called painted pink, since flowers at their peak looked like the colors were painted on. 3" in good clusters. Excellent form and habit. Growth habit is semi-compact, Nice thick substance, fat buds and sturdy inflo stems. Stunning pink and white swirl, strong sweet fragrance. Seedling of Penang Peach, produces thick clusters of rounded dark pink, lighter pink and white, with a somewhat swirling effect. Thick-branched, yet compact like her seed parent. The leaves have the little ''hook' on the tip like Penang Peach. When the buds start to open, the color very intense pink then turn into nice pink when fully open, pink band on the back of petals. Love the strong bands of red and pink in the petals. Very thick leaves. Non stop bloomer..super nice colors. Fairly mild floral scent. Retains strong pink color after picking. Good growth habit. Good bloomer on shorter tips. Faint baby powder scent. Swirls like a barber pole, intense red in heat. Branched can seal over.

  • PSA Registration:
  • Color: Dark Pink
  • Flower Size: 3"
  • Blooming: Prolific Bloomer
  • Growth: Semi-Compact
  • Scent: Strong Sweet fruity
  • AKAs: JJ Elsie
  • Notes: from Jungle Jack Thailand 2007, Good bloomer on shorter tips. Seedling of Penang Peach, Sets Seeds
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    Posted by LOURDES KRAUSE on Feb 21, 2022

    Best plumeria out of the 6 I have, rarely dormant and continuously blooming large clusters with good fragance, highly recommend!

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