Florida Colors Nursery Question and Answers Developing Plumeria Knowledge Base

Florida Colors Nursery is proud to announce the creation of an integrated Q&A knowledgebase and companion website.

Whether you're growing your first Plumeria and have questions about care, or you've been growing Plumeria for years and need help dealing with a persistent pest, ask your question and get the answer.

What sets our customer service team apart? Our real, live plumeria experts chat with customers every day, answering plumeria related questions, helping to choose plants, and generally geeking out about plumeria. Our friendly team of plumeria enthusiasts spends their days interacting with fellow plumeria enthusiasts throughout the country. They solve planting problems that run the gamut from which way to plant a cutting to choosing the right soil mix for plumeria.

We may be biased, but we think they are the friendliest, most knowledgeable team in the business. And our customers agree with us, citing our friendly customer service as the reason they keep coming back – along with our fabulous plumeria plants, of course.

Questions from our customers inspire new articles, blog posts, Facebook discussions and innovative products.

And it’s not just their job – they truly want you to grow the plumeria garden of your dreams and be successful in everything you plant! That’s why they’ll answer your questions to help choose varieties, follow up with links to articles on planting, and ask for you to let them know how everything grew. As gardeners, they know the joy of planting plumeria and watching it grow and thrive.

Mar 16, 2018

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