Majestic FCN Plumeria

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Medium (12"-24" per yr)
  • Majestic FCN Plumeria
  • Majestic FCN Plumeria
  • Majestic FCN Plumeria
  • Majestic FCN Plumeria
  • Majestic FCN Plumeria
  • Majestic FCN Plumeria
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Majestic Plumeria: 2021 introduction

This multi color beauty offers gorgeous Pink/Red 3” blooms with a large darker orange center. The inflo creates a striking bloom bouquet that pop against the green foliage. We’ll also note that Majestic is a great bloomer with a sweet fragrance that you get to enjoy all season long!

This compact tree is a good choice for gardeners who are looking for a tree with a distinctive small footprint. If your looking for a rare and unique plumeria, Majestic is the one for serious collectors who enjoy having a unique very rare addition to their collection. Florida Colors Plumeria Nursery seedling first bloomed in 2017. Speaking of plumeria parents, Majestic’s pod parent is Super Round.

Majestic's typical size when shipped:

  • Grafted plants are 15-18 inches from the soil line

If you purchase a Dwarf you can expect it to be smaller if you purchase a medium or tall grower you can expect them to be larger when shipped. Later in the season our plumeria are typically larger than the beginning of the season.

When You Get Your Plumeria

What you should know:

  • We ship plumeria with the leaves cut off per requirements by the USDA
  • Every plumeria is inspected for any signs of damage and insects
  • We spray each plumeria with mineral oil as a precaution.

What you should Do First:

Detailed Description


  • Registered by: Florida Colors Nursery
  • Registration Year: planed for 2020


  • Beginner  


  • Flower Front Color (as appears 10 feet away, during the prime blooming season): Multi Color
  • Flower Back Color:: Pink and Red with large dark orange center
  • Flower Center Size: Compact
  • Flower Center Color: Orange
  • Throat Size: Medium
  • Flower Throat Color: Dark Orange
  • Flower Size: 3”
  • Flower Type: Slightly cupped
  • Keeping Quality - Texture (Lei): Average
  • Flower Fade Rate (Lei): Average
  • Flower Reaction to Sun and Heat: Fades slightly with the sun
  • Fragrance: Sweet fragrance
  • Flower Fragrance Intensity: Moderate
  • Petal Type: Wide petals, rounded tip, overlapped
  • Petal Color Details: Multi Color


  • Blooming: Great bloomer
  • Blooming Period: All season
  • Inflo Stalk Color: Brown
  • Pubescence: Yes
  • Bud Color: Orange
  • Inflo shape: Medium


  • Leaf Color: Green
  • Leaf Texture: Matte
  • Leaf Vein Color:Green
  • Leaf Border Color: Green
  • Petiole Color: Brown
  • Petiole Length: 
  • Leaf Shape: 
  • Leaf Length and Width:


  • Tree Type: Deciduous
  • Growth Habit: Compact, 12” - 24” per year
  • Vigor: Average-growing
  • Mature Bark Texture: Smooth
  • Mature Bark Color: Grey
  • Tree Shape: Upright
  • Trunk or branch circumference: Medium
  • Small New Growth
  • Tip Color: Brown
  • Branching Density: Medium
  • Branching After Bloom: Good
  • Branching After Prune:
  • Root system: Typical


  • Seed Propagation: 
  • Stem Propagation:


  • Pod Parent - Seedling Of: Super Round
  • Known Seedlings:
  • Pollen Parent: Unknown


  • The Tight Bloom Head 


  • Notes / History: Seed planted in July of 2014, first bloomed in July 2017.

Our Guarantee

Florida Colors Nursery's Guarantee to You.

Thank you for your purchase of Plumeria from Florida Colors Nursery. Please remember that plants are living entities and need care as such. Success with your new plumeria is tied directly to the amount of care it is given. Florida Colors Nursery has been growing and selling plumeria sense 1992 and has been very successful because we are honest and fair in our assessments on guarantee claims.

Please call us with any questions you may have about plumeria care....see

We Guarantee:

    ALL Plumeria are guaranteed to be the variety sold as.

    Grafted plants are guaranteed for four (4) months
    Rooted plants are guaranteed for three (3) months
    Callused cuttings are guaranteed for two (2) months
    Fresh cuttings are guaranteed for one (1) month


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